Love Your Enemies!

In the first century, some religious leaders taught: “You must love your neighbor and hate your enemy.” In the same way, today, some have been taught to hate in the guise of Christianity. How?

They have been taught they ‘must hate the person with whom the badness is inseparably linked’ as the religious leaders would define badness (which is quite an extensive list). And they are to ‘”feel a loathing” toward those who have made themselves God’s enemies’, as they would define former members of their group. As for those who have been expelled it is said: ‘it does not seem fitting and proper for a faithful Christian to pray for a disfellowshiped person’.

This is at complete odds with the basic teachings of Jesus Christ, who commanded: “love your enemies”. If we truly apply Christianity 101, there would be no “us versus them” exclusivism. If we love our enemies, if we pray for them, if we treat them well, as challenging as it might be, we would prove ourselves true Christians. Imagine what a world this would be if every professed Christian took such a teaching seriously.

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  1. But I say unto you, Love your enemies The word here used denotes moral love, as distinguished from the other word, which expresses personal affection. Usually, the former denotes “complacency in the character” of the person loved; but here it denotes the benignant, compassionate outgoings of desire for another’s good.

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