“Millions Now Living Will Never Die”—Where Are Those Millions?

One of the hallmarks of a “faithful and discreet slave” is that they would be faithful and discreet, serving the right sort of food at the right time. Such a slave would not be presumptuous, “going beyond the things that are written” or making predictions when God’s word tells us plainly that “nobody knows the day or the hour.” We would expect Christ’s favor and blessing to be upon and to continue with only those who met this criterion.

Case in point was the “Millions campaign” that started in 1918 and continued up until the year 1925. The message declared worldwide was “Millions Now Living Will Never Die”. Likely you’ve heard of this campaign, but have you ever examined the message beyond the title? What did they mean that millions now living will never die? Where are those millions now?

Was this message faithful? Was is discreet? Was it food at the proper time?


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