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Blood Transfusions: A Life or Death Decision

At Acts 15:29, the Council of Jerusalem admonished Christians to abstain from blood.  But what does it mean to abstain from blood? For millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses, this means abstaining from not just eating blood, but abstaining from blood transfusions, even if it means their life. As a consequence, over many decades, thousands have died for taking such a stance, including children.

How sound is this interpretation from a Scriptural viewpoint? To be able to ascertain, we need to understand why the misuse of blood is prohibited. Only by understanding the spirit of the matter, can we interpret the letter of the prohibition. Another lesson that can be learned is from reading the Gospels, getting the mind of Christ on the matter by seeing how Jesus applied and interpreted Biblical law.

No doubt everyone agrees that human life is precious, especially the lives of children. If there is a possibility that the Bible does not forbid blood transfusions, would you not want to know it? Such a decision should not be decided lightly, or without considering all sides of the argument, for such a decision could be a matter of life and death. Hopefully, some will find the video above helpful in coming to a better understanding.