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From House to House and Door to Door…


On page 185 of the publication, Come Be My Follower, we find the following statement: “The churches of Christendom have sponsored charities, aided the poor, built hospitals and schools, and performed many other works. To see why they have earned Jesus’ anger…” When I first read this, I was deeply disturbed. It didn’t feel right. And yet, at the time, I could see no way around it.

I was taught that the primary duty of every Christian was to be a public evangelizer, and the hallmark method of this activity was the door-to-door work. After all, Jesus commanded this work, did he not? And all early Christians went door-to-door or in some form of public evangelizing, did they not? I thought this was what the Bible said and commanded.

More than that, I was taught that failure to engage in this work, failure to do enough, both in terms of quality and quantity, made me bloodguilty and doomed to die eternally at God’s hands at Armageddon. I felt as though I had a cosmic gun to my head. I could not love such a God and I walked around with a growing feeling of doom and gloom. I dare say I was not alone in this.

Here is a not so hidden secret: Many, if not most, Jehovah’s Witnesses hate going door-to-door. If given a choice, they would prefer to spend their time elsewhere. Some pray that nobody answers the door and many are relieved when nobody does. They also struggle with the lack of results for all their hard work.

But there is hope for any who feel this way. This above video series examines both the door-to-door work from the Bible’s viewpoint, as well as the work of evangelizing, and what the primary duties of a Christian actually are.