Door to Door?

Are all Christians commanded to go door to door? Did Jesus and his followers go door to door, setting the example for Christians today? If that is what the Bible says, the answer to both these questions is a resounding Yes! However, is this what the Bible says? Here we examine the two door-to-door prooftexts: Acts 5:42 and Acts 20:20. Does ‘house to house‘ in this context mean ‘door-to-door‘? For those who may no longer engage in this work, it is not a matter of ‘pride’ or feeling such work is ‘beneath’ one. It is a question of sticking to what the Bible really says and not going beyond the things that are written.

Are all Christians supposed to evangelize publically? What did the first century Christians do? Back then, who taught publically? What about the Great Commission at Matthew 28:19, 20? Or what about the admonition to “do the work of an evangelizer”?

If door-to-door work is not a hallmark of true Christians, if all Christians are not called to be public evangelizers—then what should we be doing? And how much should we be doing it? What is the “pure religion” about, as outlined in Scripture? If we are part of a denomination, in particular, a denomination that purports to be the “only true religion”, we indeed need to compare our group to Scripture as well as the first century Christian model and see how it stacks up in regard Christian service.