The Great Crowd, Other Sheep, and Little Flock

Some teach that the Great Crowd are those with an earthly hope, that they are not in the New Covenant, that Jesus is not their Mediator, and they are not sons(children) of God. Is this true? To answer this, we must examine Revelation 7 in more detail. The above video is presented in such a way to be neutral when it comes to any one interpretation of Revelation. The purpose is strictly to determine whether or not the Great Crowd are a subsidiary class outside the New Covenant.

At John 10:16, Jesus mentioned the Other Sheep. Are these believers with an earthly hope, outside the New Covenant, who would not be clearly identified for some 1900 years? Or by a plain reading of the text, can we come to a simpler understanding? Just how many hopes are there?

At Luke 12:32, Jesus says, “Do not be afraid, little flock.” Some take that to mean a small class of Christians are lifted above the rest and given special privileges no other Christians get: sonship, entry into the New Covenant with Christ as their Mediator, being declared righteous in the fullest sense. But have you ever considered this might be making a complex theology from something that might have a more mundane meaning? Who is the Little Flock? Is sonship as well as the privileges of the New Covenant only reserved for them?